MET Opera: Die Walküre
NR, 320 Minutes

Sat (03/30):
The Beach Bum: Extra Sensory Performance
R, 95 Minutes

Sat (04/20):
Sun (04/21):
  • Captain Marvel

    PG-13 | 128 Minutes

    Tue (03/26) 2:30pm 5:45pm 9:00pm

    Wed (03/27) 2:30pm 5:45pm 9:45pm

    Thu (03/28) 3:45pm 8:00pm 10:00pm

    Fri (03/29) 3:45pm 7:00pm 10:15pm

    Sat (03/30) 1:30pm 5:30pm 8:45pm

    Sun (03/31) 1:45pm 5:00pm 9:30pm

    Carol Danvers becomes one of the universes most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

  • Birds Of Passage

    R | 125 Minutes

    Tue (03/26) 2:00pm 5:15pm 8:30pm

    Wed (03/27) 2:00pm 5:15pm 8:30pm

    Thu (03/28) 2:00pm 5:00pm

    During the marijuana bonanza, a violent decade that saw the origins of drug trafficking in Colombia, Rapayet and his indigenous family get involved in a war to control the business that ends up destroying their lives and their culture. 125min.

  • Us

    R | 116 Minutes

    Tue (03/26) 3:45pm 6:45pm 9:45pm

    Wed (03/27) 3:45pm 6:45pm 9:00pm

    Thu (03/28) 3:00pm 7:00pm 9:15pm

    Fri (03/29) 2:00pm 6:00pm 9:00pm

    Sat (03/30) 2:30pm 6:45pm 9:45pm

    Sun (03/31) 3:30pm 6:30pm 9:00pm

    "Every image seems to be a clue for what's about to happen or a stand-in for something outside the main story of a family in danger. Peele's film, which he directed, wrote and produced, will likely reward audiences on multiple viewings, each visit revealing a new secret, showing you something you missed before in a new light." - 116min.

  • MET Opera: Die Walküre

    NR | 320 Minutes

    Sat (03/30) 9:00am

    In what is expected to be a Wagnerian event for the ages, soprano Christine Goerke plays Brünnhilde, Wotan's willful warrior daughter, who loses her immortality in opera's most famous act of filial defiance. Tenor Stuart Skelton and soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek play the incestuous twins Siegmund and Sieglinde. Greer Grimsley sings Wotan. Philippe Jordan conducts. Doors: 8:15AM Opera: 9AM Music: Wagner Language: German, with English subtitles

  • Dumbo (2019)

    PG | 130 Minutes

    Thu (03/28) 6:00pm

    Fri (03/29) 2:45pm 5:00pm 8:15pm

    Sat (03/30) 3:30pm 5:00pm 8:15pm

    Sun (03/31) 2:30pm 5:45pm 8:15pm

    A young elephant, whose oversized ears enable him to fly, helps save a struggling circus, but when the circus plans a new venture, Dumbo and his friends discover dark secrets beneath its shiny veneer.

  • The Beach Bum: Extra Sensory Performance

    R | 95 Minutes

    Sat (04/20) 9:30pm

    Sun (04/21) 9:30pm

    Experience Harmony Korines happy movie in SENSORY ENHANCED Smell-o-Vision and Scratch-n-Sniff technology provided by Humboldt Seed Co. & Hendryx Farm! April 20th & 21st only.